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Degen of The Month

After a prolonged break of Degening mainly, I have came back to create a new Blog Post that I will make sure to do at least monthly to showcase some awesome Degen's in our Community!

The Degen of the Month for the month of April is Jerocua!

Jerocua minted 6 Creepz and has been a staple in the Creepz community since the beginning. Someone who should be known as an OG, you will usually find him him vc where you can come say h and maybe will get to see his Doberman if you're lucky 😇. He has had his ups and downs but got to Mint a MoonBird for 2.5e the same day he sold it for 9e . An amazing profit even though looking back we all wish we would have held something like that a day or 2 more and got 3x the amount. At least he can say he sold and made the profit unlike the many onlookers who didn't mint or buy on secondary to be part of history once again like the many of us who minted creepz and saw it skyrocket to 10e. Jerocua used some of his profits and got himself a Neo Tokyo Outer Citizen where he will be getting some of the best alpha along with meeting some amazing minds looking to help build the future of the Blockchain. He will go down in the Creepz history books for this play he made and I will continuously look forward to Degening with you!

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Ralphs Insurance
Ralphs Insurance
Apr 23, 2022

Much love CREEPZ, I truly appreciate each and every one of you. We all have experienced an incredible journey together that has brought us all closer together. I hope we carry on for years and not only a set amount of seasons, I am sure we will continue on and only gain in strength in working together as a real team and community. I also am very grateful to be Degen of the Month. Thank you Justin B for the kind words, It really has been a pleasure to meet you throughout this time. Also I try not to think back on my paperhanding with my Moonbird although how could I of anticipated a 30+eth floor, riiighhht. 😬. ouch lo…

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