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  • How do i join the Discord for Alpha and to learn about new drop?
    Check out our twitter! Don't forget to follow and add post notifications for when a link drops!
  • What is Anti Degen Degen Club
    This idea started one morning at after a day of watching our friend @rcreepz_ in Creepz reach his full degen potential. After winning a massive 16k the night before on stake, at around 3am after playing Crash for 3+ hours he happened to build up 8k from 700 and then lost it all. Which brought us the Anti Degen Degen Club
  • How do I edit or remove the “FAQ” title?
    You can edit the title from the Settings tab in the app. If you don’t want to display the title, simply disable the Title under “Info to Display”.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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